"Évocations are written for pianists who are in love with their intrument and its expression and colour possibilities". So describes the composer Avi Schönfeld (who works in Holland) his three part composition, which has been published recently in a beautiful printed form by "Partitura" Editions in Utrecht. The work is written in an expressionist, modern idiom in which the piano is treated in the traditional manner. It is felt already bij the first reading of this not easy but very clear score that Schönfeld cares very much about colour and beautiful sound effects. He uses the possibilities of nuances and contrasts of the instrument in a most effective way as well in the tone level and different kinds of touchée. In this is this work indeed a hommage to the intrument as the composer has characterised his work. The first piece is in this aspect the most soundinspired. It has a flexible fluent rhitme in which there is much variety. It is a light and shadow composition. Everything depends on the timing of the performer and his tone and colour possibilities. The middle part is especially difficult because it demands a "sempre pianissimo" passage work playing. The second piece is texturally less free, a kind of solemn procession with triples movement in the middle section. The third part is called an "enigma" by the composer. There again rich colour effects with arabesques and chords formations. I won' t analyse the work deeper because i' ve never heard a performance of it and didn' t have (yet) the possibility to work on it seriously. The first impression is however such that i can advise every pianist with an interest for modern music to study and deepen in it. The piece is according to me also especially useful for the professional music student, because it can help to develop the feeling for sound.